Are companies ready for the digital age?

Not many companies in the Middle East are concerned or worrying about what new technology might mean for their business models, according to Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Turkey at Dell Technologies.

“About 83 percent of companies in the Middle East has still not started their digital transformation journey,” said Amin, speaking to Gulf News during Gitex Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Centre. “Quite a few of those, nearly more than 50 percent, do not have a digital transformation strategy in place and their businesses have been endangered by start-ups. It’s astonishing when you speak with C-suite executives and ask them what their business strategy is for the next couple of years, and they actually do not know.”

Dell Technologies is an American technology company that sells servers, software, networking, and information security services.

Amin stated that these executives are aware of the problem, but they don’t know what the right solution is. “They don’t have a strategy or plan, but they know they have to do something.”

Amin’s advice for companies looking to start digitally transforming is to strengthen their infrastructure and consider initiating virtualization, which can optimize costs and permit companies to start building their future strategies. Virtualization refers to using virtual (rather than actual) computer platforms.

“So, we ought to minimize the budget dollars that customers spend to keep the lights on and channel this money to their future strategy,” he said.

But Amin also cautions that companies need to be aware that there are no quick fixes for digital transformation.