Are The U.S. And China Headed For A Cold War?

The U.S.-Soviet relationship is almost entirely a political and military rivalry. The U.S.-China relationship is far more complex. Trade between the 2 countries was over $700 billion last year. Some 350,000 Chinese students study at American universities. Giant numbers of tourist’s jet between the 2 countries daily. There is a fear that we are headed into an era of unceasing confrontation, where the U.S. is seeking to challenge China on each front, from military to economic to technological to philosophical to soft power.

The current U.S. approach, typified by the Trump administration’s trade war, is inflicting an honest deal of this friction. China has adopted an Associate in Nursing progressively negative read of the U.S.

“The Chinese leadership judged that the US was wasting nation by the misdirection of the national economy that diode to the nice monetary crisis” a decade past.

The Chinese government recently issued a significant military assessment of its own. It says the U.S. has “provoked and intense competition among major countries.” The U.S. is strengthening its Asia-Pacific military alliances and reinforcing military preparation and intervention, adding quality to regional security. The experts cite three key areas to watch.

The first is Taiwan, a primary driver for two decades of Chinese military modernization has been the clear and consistent desire on the part of China to have a military option for the reunification of Taiwan

A second big issue is China’s vulnerability at sea, should there be a major clash.

The strongest tool America has is its ability to prevent ocean commerce from moving into and out of China. a 3rd huge concern is that the in-progress cyber battle. The U.S. accuses China’s military of waging nonstop cyberattacks on government and military targets, still as on sophisticated corporations and universities.