Asia Hardware Battle

Clever/smart hardware is a technological concept shadowing the smartphone. It combines the hardware and software to alter the traditional device so that it has intelligent functions.

Japan, one of the prominent innovation centres in Asia, is using leading-edge technology to create new industries in retaliation to its social problems and challenges, namely, population aging and labour scarcity. At the moment, some scientific research in Japan has achieved the world’s leading research in resource recycling, energy storage, big data cloud computing, new materials, robotics, and high-tech hardware. As such, it is the city that AHB would not want to miss.

“Asia Hardware Battle focuses on hardware start-ups all over Asia. It means a lot for us to co-operate and collaborate with AHB to quicken the hardware innovation. Not only will it help those participants to expand their business to other Asian countries but it will also help to increase the communication and interaction of Asia hardware start-ups.” said Koichi Naruse, VP of Samurai Incubate Inc.

Naruse-san also gave his opinion towards the combination of software and hardware, “Basically, software and hardware need to be mutually integrated when you make and design something new. However, hardware innovation typically costs more time and effort. So, people are inclined to pay more attention to cost-effective software. With the development of technology, hardware innovation will speed up its pace, and Japan will have more benefit in this progress.” said Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Bronze Award-winning team, Triple W.

In 2018, Asia Hardware Battle has witnessed Japan’s ground-breaking breakthrough in hardware technology and application, generating more usage scenarios. Japanese start-up Triple W, the bronze award winner in AHB 2018, presented a device that uses ultrasound to forecast toilet use and timing among individuals with incontinence. The company hoped the device would help those who have difficulty going to the toilet to gain more independence, and reduce labour costs at nursing homes. This product was expected to have an immense market potential regarding the world issue on the aging population.

This year, together with our partner Samurai Incubate, the most prominent early project incubator & VC in Japan, Asia Hardware Battle will continue to look for the most promising hardware start-ups.