Aster DM Healthcare To Expand in UK, Finland, Australia and Africa

Dubai is a very developed city with many different startups and businesses in all fields. With the huge technology in the city, it is safe to say that the economy is rising all the time. One main field which is secure in Dubai is the healthcare industry where many companies focus on providing the best care for patients. A leading company in the field is Aster DM Healthcare who focuses on providing healthcare plans for patients and finding the right insurance plan.

However, only recently Aster DM Healthcare have decided to take a step forward towards expanding in different continents and country. According to chairman and founder of the company, Dr. Azad Moopen, there are new plans for expansion through acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Finland, Australia and even Africa.

Dr. Azad commented on this move saying, “We think most of our presence will be in the GCC but we are looking at other geographies through some other business models. I think if we want to go outside these geographies, which itself have a lot of opportunities for the next few years, we want to look at something which is more from an acquisition model, I don’t think we have any intention of going greenfield and set up from scratch. We might look at other models like operating models. There have been interest from people in places like Africa where they are keen on investing in healthcare.”