Australia bushfire intensifies

Australia is witnessing severe bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland. A 16-year-old boy is said to set this fire deliberately who is arrested by police and will be dealt with state’s youth justice Act.

The latest update revels that four people have died so far and hundreds of properties have been destroyed. Fire has destroyed 1 million hectare of farmland so far and is continue to rise.

Though such fires are common in Australia’s dry summers but its early arrival and severe intensity has surprised everyone. Its severity is making it difficult for fire fighters to deal with it. Almost 800 fire fighters are on the field to fight the situation and prevent the further damage as much as possible. There are no signs of rain in the next few days and average temperature are also likely to rise. Fire is so intense that it is creating strong turbulent wind which is likely to spread embers in all directions.

Experts believe it to be a consequence of climate change. Recent years were the hottest that Australia has ever experienced. Citizens expect more such events in the future if proper measures to combat climate change are not in place.