Australian ChemTech scene

Australia’s Chemical industry is a huge industry and has been growing quietly away from the world. The chemical industry of the nation along with its plastics manufacturing industry was estimated to be a whopping valuation of 11 billion USD employing over some 60,000 people.

Specialty Chemical manufacturers in Australia are quite a few if you see but it has been a steadily growing industry as the setups for these industries face some serious scrutiny and stringent permissions make it all the less accessible to the common wanting to enter the industry. This, however, does not affect the industry and it keeps growing in silence. In Australia, applications for specialty chemicals can be found in food and beverages, personal care, human health, animal health and nutrition, crop protection, detergents, water treatment, surface coatings, plastic and foam, rubber, mining and explosives, building and construction, and textiles and leather. The Australian chemical industry has drawn the attention of the European giants causing them to acquire some major names in the Australian market to help aid their global growth and stay in the race of dominance. Two large European distributors, IMCD and DKSH have both made a push into Australia – DKSH acquired Tiger Chemicals while IMCD acquired Swift & Co.  Solvay Group sells into Australia via Brenntag who acquired ISM/Salkat, another specialty chemical distributor.  BYK is represented by ResChem.

Australia has as few as 8 to 15 independent distributors which are hindering its growth in the sector. It is important the administration step in and make some amends so as to make the industry a financially viable one and a global name in the chemicals market.