Author: Shreyas Tanna

KSI vs Logan Paul

It is clear that KSI versus Logan Paul brought new eyes to the boxing world and it is clear that it made worldwide news as YouTube swapped for professional fighting. However, there has recently been the number of pay-per-view sales in the UK, so it is fair to say it tanked. BARB estimates that only

World record of 10km is broken by Joshua

At 10 Km, in Valencia on Sunday, Joshua Cheptegei stormed to a global road record with 26:38 This record ends a remarkable year for the 23-year-old Ugandan, having won World Cross Country and 10,000 m titles in March and October, respectively. He went on to run 13:14 second half of the first five kilometers and

The best-selling British author thinks that by banning him from the film series, he is doing Tom Cruise somewhat of favour

Tom Cruise is one of the most well-known action stars working today, with his famous run, death-defying stunt work, and decades of box office successes. But since the actor pushes 60, he, too, seems to be prone to ageism. The writer behind the crime thrillers pulled the plug on Cruise starring in no more after

The startup that developed a 250 million eatable-insect farm at home an old mine — with its own sauna

Far beneath Pyhäjärvi, the Finnish capital, start-up workers will find themselves in the sauna. It’s not a spa, though. And not the only workers who love the water. This is the € 250,000 project at EntoCube’s 60-year-old mine, in which foodstuffs in underground farms develop, taking 28 degrees of geothermal heat from the soil. The

Manchester City venture from the US beats worldwide sports valuation

Manchester City’s parent company of Premier League Champions revealed the US private equity firm Silver Lake’s £ 389 m investment. The transaction breaks records in worldwide sports ratings, with the City Football Group (CFG) holding company worth £ 3.73 billion. About 10% of CFG’s worldwide company is purchased by the US private equity firm. The