Author: Shreyas Tanna

UK’s Renishaw launches landmark 3D printed apparatus for Parkinson disease

Engineering technology company- Renishaw has made a benchmark discovery in helping patients with progressive nervous system disorder Parkinson disease. In the latest development the UK-based company has created a patented intraparenchymal drug delivery device, which significantly helped in the diagnosis of cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Reports suggest the

Michigan proposes stricter standards on “Forever Chemicals” in drinking water

Owning to a vote by the Environmental Rules Review Committee (ERRC), the state of Michigan advanced the proposed standards to curb contaminating “forever chemicals” in drinking water for the city’s population. More than 7000 Michiganders participated in January in a month-long public comment period with regards to the proposed drinking water standards on PFAS chemicals,

Apple to open first Indian store in 2021

While speaking at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cooke announced to open the first store and online outlet in India later this year. Without a local partner the tech giant had to struggle for a special approval from the Indian government. Experts allege Apple’s entry into the Indian market place was

Scientists design multi-sensor band for patients with MS

An international team of scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have designed a multi-sensor tool which can be used to measure fine changes in patients with multiple-sclerosis (MS). The new sensor band allows doctors to frequently and instantly respond to patient’s conditions and to their changing symptoms. The latest device

Petnet SmartFeeder undergoes week-long tech crash

Petnet SmartFeeder left pets hungry owning to a week-long system failure. The smart tech app allows owners to schedule the feed for their pets by using a smartphone app. The week long outage has affected second-generation SmartFeeders. Customers have extensively raised complains regarding Petnet’s lack of responsiveness. Sources also suggest the messages to CEO Carlos

China launches four ‘technology experiment satellites’

A Chinese rocket named Long March 2D carried four technology experiment satellites into orbit on Wednesday from the Xichang space center which is situated in southwestern China, in pace with the Chinese state-run media. Some details about the satellites were unveiled by media owned by Chinese Government. The country’s Xinhua wire service told that the satellites are going to be mainly trained tested