Author: Shreyas Tanna

ETFs on NEO launched for the first time by Emerge Canada

NEO is pleased to greet Emerge Canada Inc. (“Rise”) to the NEO family with the dispatch of their presentation ETFs that will be sub-prompted by Emerge Capital Management Inc. what’s more, ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK Invest”). Five effectively overseen topical assets, which spotlight on inventive divisions including genomics and biotech, self-governing tech and mechanical

People of China still got eyes for Thai property

In spite of an ascent of the baht’s incentive against the yuan and despite the US-China exchange push, Chinese speculators keep on purchasing Thai property, however at a lower rate than in 2018. Carrie Law, CEO and executive of Chinese worldwide property entrance, said further development of Chinese buys of Thai properties is normal

A partnership formed between Etihad Credit Insurance partners & Chinese financial institutions to boost the bilateral relationship between China & the UAE

The United Arab Emirates federal insurance firm, Etihad Credit Insurance, has signed 3 strategic Memoranda of Understanding with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, SINOSURE, and the Bank of China targeted at boosting investments, trade, and bilateral exports between China and the United Arab Emirates. These partnerships

Rise of Medical tourism in most ASEAN countries

It was estimated by a recent report that medical tourism generates at least 1/3rd of private hospitals’ revenue in most ASEAN countries is another evidence that, if needed, it is the sector’s huge potential. Seeing that major revenue of private hospitals in Southeast Asia is generated from foreign patients, the report from market research firm

N.L. biotech looking for family doctors and 2500 people to volunteer their genetic & medical info for research

A Newfoundland & Labrador biotech firm is looking for 2,500 people to volunteer their genetic & medical information for research which seeks to develop novel treatments for common illnesses. The Chief Executive Officer of Sequence Bio, Chris Gardner stated that we are in the search for drug targets. Meaning, if we can identify particular changes