Beyond Vision to aid the elderly population through Artificial Intelligence

Beyond Vision, along with other established homegrown startups headed by Taiwan Tech Arena are exhibiting their innovative solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

When it comes to the political-economic dynamics, the world is moving at a speedy pace. But the most common issue faced by individuals all over the world is ‘aging.’ Set to become a super-aged society by 2025, Taiwan is relentlessly suffering from this issue and is the most speedily aging nation around the globe. Nonetheless, technology can contribute substantially in dealing with the problems undergone by the aging population.

The start-up Beyond Solution has managed to generate one such solution. They have put forward CarePLUS, an Artificial Intelligence healthcare invention made to keep a check of the postures and movements of the members of one’s family. The product sends warning alerts if an individual in any sort of threat for instance falling, sitting in one place for too long, leaving the house with no particular reason, etc.

The idea for the product arose the grandmother of Victor Lin, its founder, fell and hurt herself and her family did not realize the occurrence of the incident until later. With the rise in the aged individuals of Taiwan and how most of them live alone, Victor Lin decided to develop the Artificial Intelligence-run product. He stated how they hope to make use of this technology to discover these issues timely.

CarePLUS works through the installation of physical devices along with application interfaces.

The product, that has a 360-degree fisheye lens, is placed in the ceiling. Through its lens, it can capture the actions of all family members inside the house.

Artificial Intelligence in the device then goes over the movements and the postures of the family members to see if there are any fallings or other problems.