Brexit and Healthcare sector of Netherland

The impact of Britain exit known as Brexit is very high in the European States as well as when we talk about Netherland which has the remaining member states of Union of Europe which have escaped the no-deal Brexit will make a delay on 29 March 2020 and the delay will be to avoid the no-deal Brexit with the possible chances of having the reach towards the agreement with the condition of the Brexit could be possible towards the British Parliament. We can see this by the example of the United States and China where the trade war is currently going on, and there is a high position on the trade it’s important to export today’s example there are certain precautions and restrictions in the Netherland cotton export of medicine by pharmaceutical companies are facing which are not expanding the capacity of the relevant organization but are forced to take the shortages and import and export the shorter amount of quantities in relation with the trade. The consequences of Brexit are very high. There needs to be a proper European Healthcare sector because there is a high need in manufacturing where the areas of the United Kingdom cannot be read, and their ability to place the European market directly should be increased, and such manufacturer should up. An authorized representative with every Medical and legal attention which can qualify the number of imported goods. The European legislation, as well as the Netherland, is facing tough competition as well as the impact of restriction towards the British notified body, which will be marking the European notified body in order to comply and compete with the European legislation in the sector of medicine and healthcare products.