Business complaints in Dubai slump 41% in the first half of 2019

Non-compliance with the terms of the agreement was the explanation for 48 of the complaints in Dubai in H1. Initiatives by Dubai Economy to enhance fight and harmony within the business have LED to a bid call in industrial complaints within the emirate.

The Business Protection section in Dubai Economy saw industrial complaints decreasing by 41% throughout the primary 1/2 2019 to 464 from 790 complaints throughout an equivalent amount of 2018.

The Business Protection section receives complaints associated with disputes between traders within the native market, together with those outside the UAE, and aims to resolve them amicably. The litigator should be an advert entity registered in Dubai.

Non-compliance with the terms of the agreement was the explanation for 48 % of the complaints. alternative reasons enclosed terms of contract (36 percent), industrial fraud, specifications and standards, after-sales service, warranty, non-compliance with enterprise, a surcharge on service/product.

The largest share of business complaints (45 percent) came from the services sector, followed by decoration & construction, foodstuffs, natural philosophy, and building materials

Shipping, cars & accessories, furniture, labour provide, instrumentality rental and clearance dealings were the opposite sectors that featured among the whole complaints received.

UAE corporations accounted for 22% of the complaints received domestically, followed by Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani and Saudi corporations whereas 40 % of the complaints came from corporations outside the UAE.

The decrease we’ve got seen in industrial complaints within the initial six months of 2019 reflects the dynamism within the method Dubai deals with businesses domestically, regionally and internationally.

The industrial complaints we tend to receive square measure usually resolved in ten days, that is that the shortest amount taken for criticism resolution anyplace within the UAE.