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EGA commenced its export of bauxite ore from Guinea

UAE’s largest industrial firm outside gas and oil, Emirates Global Aluminum, made an announcement today regarding the first exports of bauxite ore from Guinea Alumina Corporation, which is its mining project in the West Africa’s Republic of Guinea. This project’s first exports of bauxite ore from Guinea Alumina Corporation marks the completion of Emirates Global

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Is Expecting A Huge Change In Compound Annual Growth Rates From 2019 – 2024

Chemicals play a very important part in almost everyday machinery and products. Different chemicals are used in different industries according to the need. When one industry has an increase in demand, the certain chemicals used in this product will in turn be of great important and have a strong ground. This was the case seen

New Regulations For Chemical Substances Use In Taiwan

Taiwan is well-known for the use of chemicals in different products and substances. The use of chemicals has long been permitted in many different countries. However, different countries press rules against different type of chemicals in accordance to the harmful effects it causes through the community. With Taiwan having minimum regulations on the chemicals, many

Taiwan Moving Illegal Chemicals And Drugs

Taiwan being the home of most chemicals in the world and the supplier for different chemicals it makes the country viable to many violations. Such violations are mainly met in the drug network of the country where it can be considered as  strong home for many drug trafficking issues in the region. According to recent

New Tool For Chemicals Boost

Taiwan as the leading country in the world in trading chemicals and the manufacturing they have had a huge setback in recent days. This was due to many different loss in value in their companies and losing many deals prior to the US – China trade war. Hence, the country has been focusing on finding

New Rules For Cosmetics Labeling

As Taiwan is the leading country in the chemicals field, it has been moving forward towards maintaining a healthy chemical environment that is safe. This can only be achieved through different safety regulations that will limit the use of chemicals and add hazardous techniques to ensure strong fulfillment. The latest news in the field focus