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UAE to import chemicals to treat water.

United Arab Emirates has shown concern over the plastic ingestion by water and some consumption of seafood and the nation might adopt some industry to make the water free of the contaminants and possibly free of plastics. According to a study commissioned by the environmental charity, the WWF, plastic pollution is so widespread that human

Australian ChemTech scene

Australia’s Chemical industry is a huge industry and has been growing quietly away from the world. The chemical industry of the nation along with its plastics manufacturing industry was estimated to be a whopping valuation of 11 billion USD employing over some 60,000 people. Specialty Chemical manufacturers in Australia are quite a few if you

EGA commenced its export of bauxite ore from Guinea

UAE’s largest industrial firm outside gas and oil, Emirates Global Aluminum, made an announcement today regarding the first exports of bauxite ore from Guinea Alumina Corporation, which is its mining project in the West Africa’s Republic of Guinea. This project’s first exports of bauxite ore from Guinea Alumina Corporation marks the completion of Emirates Global