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Healthcare in India after the independence

It has been a long time since India got Independence. Be that as it may, the nation which has multi year history of restorative sciences was left wrecked when the British left. From that point forward, India has concentrated on improving the economy and upgrading the wellbeing administrations advancing exponentially. In this, we will attempt

How the cancer survivors could move on?

Mama Ohnmar Win’s brilliant grin and jovial habits shroud the bad dream she needed to experience a year prior. Last April, she experienced stomach agony and stomach related difficulties. Despite the fact that her grandma passed on of climbing colon malignancy at 39 years old, she never envisioned she would build up a comparative condition.

Medical interoperability should be considered as a problem for clinical practice

Known as the ‘Father of FHIR’ and an accomplished medicinal services interoperability expert, Grahame Grieve is FHIR Product Director at HL7 International. He has considerable experience with lab prescription, programming seller improvement, clinical research, and open source advancement and has additionally imagined, created and sold interoperability and clinical record arrangements and items in the Australian

Biotech speculator Paradigm being tipped enormously

The neighborhood biotech division is fall of landmines ready to explode your capital whenever as most biotech organizations still at the clinical preliminary stage have no business income and colossal clinical preliminary research costs with no assurance of regularly commercializing an item. Surprising expenses and low incomes are not a decent contributing blend, however on

Dengue Fever getting out of hands in Thailand: About to cross 50 thousand cases with 64 deaths

As the total number of dengue infections has reached 50 thousand cases since the inception of 2019, the Public Health Minister of Thailand called for preventative measures against the dengue fever. On Saturday, the health minister visited Chiang Khan Hospital in Loei province & Dansai Crown Prince Hospital to inspect the prevention measures of dengue