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IBM underlines the application of artificial intelligence for breast cancer screenings

Together with Sage Bionetworks, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, and the University of Washington School of Medicine, IBM Research has unveiled a combination of machine learning algorithms and assessments by radiologists, in order to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screenings. Radiologists often use Mammogram screenings in order to detect signs of breast cancer.

Suki raises $20 million for virtual assistant to eliminate physician burnout

Founded in 2016, AI Software Company- Suki has worked extensively on easing the administrative burden from doctors. In a recent venture, the company has announced a Series B funding of $20 million for a novel virtual assistant app. The AI-powered digital assistant will help in eliminating administrative work from clinicians, this includes maintaining medical charting

UK’s Renishaw launches landmark 3D printed apparatus for Parkinson disease

Engineering technology company- Renishaw has made a benchmark discovery in helping patients with progressive nervous system disorder Parkinson disease. In the latest development the UK-based company has created a patented intraparenchymal drug delivery device, which significantly helped in the diagnosis of cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Reports suggest the

Scientists design multi-sensor band for patients with MS

An international team of scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have designed a multi-sensor tool which can be used to measure fine changes in patients with multiple-sclerosis (MS). The new sensor band allows doctors to frequently and instantly respond to patient’s conditions and to their changing symptoms. The latest device

Israeli tech may help drastically reduce coronavirus diagnostic time

From the time of the outbreak of coronavirus, one amongst one in every of the foremost pressing medical challenges that doctors in zones plagued by the crisis faced is that there must be a test for a high number of infected people in a short amount of their time. New technology has been developed by researchers at Bar-Ilan University might support them in the mission, drastically cutting the

United Arab Emirates technology motivations stained by internet limitations

With its excessive-modern substructure and ultra-connected facilities, the United Arab Emirates is an evolving technology center, but a disgrace adjoining a widely held messaging application has emphasized strict check on the internet. The oil-rich state has devoted billions of dollars in advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to turn into a portent in the establishment of

3rd Case of the deadly Coronavirus testified in the United States

A 3rd instance of the Coronavirus which shares the same symptoms as pneumonia has been testified in the United States, also confirmed by a Southern California public health agency (SCPHA) on Sunday. The Orange state health department reported a few hours before 12:00 am on Saturday that a victim of coronavirus who had been migrating