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Industrial sector of Qatar moves ahead with time

Upheld by the administration’s broadening endeavors, Qatar’s modern segment is relentlessly moving forward in the midst of the continuous monetary barricade forced by the Gulf neighbors in June 2017, as indicated by an ongoing report. In its ‘The Report: Qatar 2019’, Oxford Business Group (OBG) said endeavors to differentiate the nation’s modern segment have protected

Banking Industry Shrinking In UAE

Recent news in United Arab Emirates hold the fact that banks are getting affected greatly in terms of numbers. It is expected from banks in the country to meet a new wave of consolidation from lenders. This is due to the fact that there is a need to improve work and profit and avoid all

Sustainable Fashion is A Thing

As countries grow and be more developed, different industries can expand and start appearing. This was seen in United Arab Emirates as the focus of the government has moved towards a new industry that they believe might actually be beneficial. According to news, the country is now moving towards marketing sustainable fashion. The fashion industry