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Some of the best inventions for good at this week’s U.S. desert city market show in 2020

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, frequently described as a glimpse into the future, parades numerous cutting-edge inventions and wild devices on the larger-than-life Las Vegas strip. Among the giant TVs and cute robots that attract huge crowds to the mega conference–now in its 10th year–is also showcasing technology that aims to solve social or environmental

China’s navy commissioned its largest and most advanced surface warship yet

China’s navy commissioned its largest and most advanced surface warship yet, the Nanchang guide-missile destroyer reported in state media on Sunday morning in Qingdao port city. Observers say the commissioning of China’s first 10,000-ton Type 055 destroyer, which is supposed to join aircraft carriers in battle groups, is a step forward as Beijing aims to

Canada though the current year will be packed with marijuana milestones

Given the drubbing that pot companies had suffered in 2019, it was still a year of cannabis firsts. We observed Canada becoming the first industrialized country to introduce derivative marijuana goods, and saw Illinois do what New Jersey and New York refused to do— legalize recreational weed while passing an expungement provision for people with

Curiosity IoT expanded internationally, announced Sprint

An announcement was done by Sprint today regarding its expanding the Curiosity IoT platform internationally. According to the announcement, the company entered a partnership with Telstra, the largest mobile network operator of Australia, under which customers in Australia will soon have access to the Curiosity IoT platform. Expectations are that the service will be made

China gets boost in the daily trading volume of imports of crude oil

China is hitting records for daily volumes of crude oil imports, just as the U.S.-Iran military confrontation threatens China’s security of energy supply. The General Customs Administration announced that in November, China’s monthly oil imports hit a record 11.13 million barrels per day (BPD), up from 10.72 million BPD in October last year and 9.61

In the natural gas industry, the U.S. seems to have a competitive edge

According to the American Chemistry Council, the United States has a competitive advantage over its domestic supply of inexpensive natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs). The council analyzed 340 investment projects worth $204 billion in the chemical industry and found that businesses from around the globe are investing in the U.S. Of the 340


A series of stories have been circulating about Amazon’s Ring doorbell for a while now, an internet-connected camera and entry system that allows users to monitor and even interact at their doors with visitors and delivery people. The commercials feature unusual encounters with the IoT-equipped homeowner foiled potential crooks, but the tales show a much

Accenture Acquires Australian Government Consultancy Apis Group

Accenture has gained Apis Group, a secretly held Australian consultancy with profound industry ability giving key warning, advanced structure, and conveyance administrations to government associations. The terms of the procurement were not disclosed. The bargain means to support Accenture’s administrations to government and wellbeing customers in Australia. Headquartered in Canberra, Apis Group was established in