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RF developer and cybersecurity firm granted R&D grant for IoT devices

The partnership is developing the MEDIcal CYbersecure NEtwork project (“MEDICYNE”) project for an end-to-end secure communications answer for medical IoT devices. As the use of IoT-based, connected healthcare objects and devices has up, issues concerning their vulnerability to cyberattacks have conjointly exaggerated. samples of potential security problems embody the hijacking of management of patients’ connected

Genomic Medicine Increasing In Thailand

Thailand is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the healthcare industry. The country has well-developed facilities to handle and hold all the high quality care taking place. Thailand also has a huge role in the ASEAN market committee due to its strong presence and economic stance. One of the

Legalizing Cannabis Oil In Thailand?

With the healthcare developing, new approaches are being introduced to the field including alternative medicine. Recently, throughout the world including Thailand, the legalizing of cannabis oil has been a subject for concern. According to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM) there aren’t any proven results that allows the legalizing of cannabis. There

New Better  Prices For Medications In Thailand According To Prime Minister

The medical field is well-established in Thailand being a strong and developed country. The medicine plays a very important role and overall the government has always strived to add technology to their facilities to help provide better quality life to patients. Furthermore, different systems has been implemented by the government in terms of insurance, making