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Government’s relationship with China is inconsistent with defending Australia from foreign influence

The statement of the Victorian prime minister has been followed this week by reports that ASIO is investigating whether Chinese intelligence agencies have provided the seven-character luxury car dealer Bo “Nick” Zhao a Liberal candidate in Chisholm’s federal Melbourne seat. The businessman allegedly went to ASIO until he was found dead in a motel room

The role of the United States of America in the fight to stop climate change uncertain

Wildfires were in Australia and California last week, people were still rescued from Hurricane Dorian in Florida and North Carolina and Australians debated actively what was needed in Venice about the death of Great Barrier Reef and Santa Marco’s Square. Those occur every week. By the beginning of COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland, that nation

Language is important, both in war and diplomacy

Recently secret Chinese documents have been released in the media showing how the Muslim minority Uighurs are locked up in mass detention centers and “systematically laundered” by the population. Peking’s violent reaction to Hong Kong pro-democracy protests revived dreadful remembering of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. O’Brien describes China as a “near-peer” rival, quite

Mexico’s Pemex recourses to near-record bond yields to appeal investors

As the biggest companies and government finance companies in Mexico at relatively low cost, the state oil company Pemex had to resort to nearly record-high returns in order to attract investors once a lover of bond markets. Such gap, as shown by recent bond bids, will not soon deteriorate and could further harm the finances

Dollar, global shares rise on Xi, Trump comments

On Friday the rise in dollars and world equities markets expanded with up-to-date economic figures from US President Xi Jinpping and supportive tweets from the US. The protracted US-Sino trade war, President Donald Trump, helped to dissipate tensions. Government bond rates rose mostly as the U.S. manufacturing production accelerated at its fastest rate in November,

Wpp Plc Stake Enhanced by Commonwealth Equity Services LLC

Commonwealth Equity Services LLC grew by 43.8 percent in the third quarter, based on its latest Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shares of Wpp Plc (NYSE: WPP). After purchasing an extra 1,392 shares in the quarter, the Fund owned 4,571 shares of the business services provider’s stock. As of the

Whether the banks will lose out in Indonesia or not?

The Global Market Intelligence of Standard and Poor (S&P) has recently commissioned an inaugural report on e-money growth in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, the region’s e-money growth is driven by Indonesia. S&P Global Market Intelligence reports that the share of e-wallets in Indonesia’s total volumes of e-money rose from less than 10 percent in 2017 to

New innovative service being launched by Travel Designer Group

A global travel wholesaler, Travel Designer Group has unveiled its new endeavor – Designer Voyages, primarily aimed at catering to travel agents with inbound tours as well as packages to UAE. With a tight grip on the B2B Global Reservation System online, everything is now set to extend to UAE’s offline market, a statement from