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Elon Musk’s mind-reading technology could be about to take a big leap forward

The fantasies of the individuals who need to associate their cerebrums to PCs could be going to make another stride towards the real world, as Elon Musk took to Twitter to prod a “marvelous” update around his neural interface fire up Neuralink. Remarking on the discoveries of examination firm ARK, which positioned profound learning as

BlackBerry breaks up with phone-maker TCL

TCL, a Chinese electronics giant has discontinued the blackberry branded phones as per the company announcement. In 2016, TCL signed an agreement to produce the phones for blackberry after blackberry stopped producing for its own. It had released multiple handsets featuring the classic blackberry model. The same will end by August 2020. After 14 years

SCARY BEAUTY: Opera performance in the UAE by a Japanese robot

In a lyrical appearance Scary Beauty, a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence is about to appear for the first time in the Middle East on 31 January. The piece, designed by the composer Keiichiro Shibuya, questions our technological relationship, in particular, the dependence on our own technological inventions. Shibuya was inspired by literature, in particular

ThingWorx Platform of PTC – Leader in Industrial IoT Software Platforms, says an Independent Research Firm

A new software assessment for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) release by Forrester Research entitled “The Forrester WaveTM-Industrial IoT Sofware Platform, Q4 2019” (PTC) (NASDAQ: PTC) announced today that it has been appointed as the leader of a new assessment of software in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Forrester Research. In the study

United Arab Emirates technology motivations stained by internet limitations

With its excessive-modern substructure and ultra-connected facilities, the United Arab Emirates is an evolving technology center, but a disgrace adjoining a widely held messaging application has emphasized strict check on the internet. The oil-rich state has devoted billions of dollars in advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to turn into a portent in the establishment of

3rd Case of the deadly Coronavirus testified in the United States

A 3rd instance of the Coronavirus which shares the same symptoms as pneumonia has been testified in the United States, also confirmed by a Southern California public health agency (SCPHA) on Sunday. The Orange state health department reported a few hours before 12:00 am on Saturday that a victim of coronavirus who had been migrating

The army officials of Iran were aware that it unintentionally hit a passenger airplane immediately after it occurred

Flight 752 of the Ukraine International Airlines, consisting of 176 passengers, collided in Iran on 8th January. Every person in the flight lost his life in a disastrous crash. The source of the crash as reported initially by Iran’s government was unidentified. The Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, an army unit that responses straight to