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Air Force releases 2019 Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The Air Force discharged the Artificial Intelligence Strategy on September 12, showcasing the importance of computing capabilities to 21st-century missions. The strategy provides a definition, context, and purpose for computing within the Air Force, and is that the service’s annex to the Department of Defence Artificial Intelligence Strategy. The Air Force is charged to produce

DataVan Launches New Range of Modular Self-Service Kiosk Systems

DataVan has launched a replacement vary of customizable self-service kiosks known as ‘Mars’, that addresses the client’s desires whereas giving flexibility in maintenance and upgrade. Applying a forward-thinking standard style principle, the system design is created in sections that may be bespoke or modified way more simply than its predecessors. As a result, our customers

China excels in using AI in security

Computer vision technologies are being increasingly used in the security and surveillance sector. And its use in smart retail, such as face-recognition-enabled payments, is also very fast. China excels in applying cutting-edge technologies to daily consumption scenarios, Also, AI-enabled customer services are getting more popular, with smart-voice-assistants increasingly used in banks and other sectors But

IWTS Yokosuka modernizes training with Stallion 3.1 upgrade

Information Warfare Training Site (IWTS) Yokosuka recently received new equipment, upgrading and modernizing its Stallion system to the newest 3.1 version. Stallion was developed by the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NIWSC) and is used to supplement integrated cryptologic training throughout the Navy. The 3.1 upgrade allows Sailors to train with the latest SSEE Increment-F

McDonald’s acquires A.I. Company to help automate the drive-thru

McDonald’s has in agreement to amass Apprente that uses computing to grasp speech. McDonald’s acquires an A.I. company to assist automatize the drive-thru. The technology is utilized in its drive-thru and can use in its self-order kiosks and mobile app. McDonald’s additionally bought Dynamic Yield and took a minority stake in mobile app merchant Plexure.

Debate on AI

Jack Ma and Elon Musk recently mentioned the longer term of humanity in an exceedingly world run on AI. the final viewpoint from Ma was upbeat, whereas Musk urged caution. These 2 points of reading each have benefit. AI is delivering tons of import and will additionally cause tons of issues. On the positive facet,