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Mitsubishi Electric announces a security violation, with China as the main suspect

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics and electrical equipment, announced a major safety breach in a short statement published on its web site today. Although the violation was made on June 28 last year, and a formal internal investigation started in September, today the Tokyo-based company announced its security incident and

The DIGIT Act passed at the United States Senate has given IoT (Internet of Things) a significant boost for the future

The Internet of Things is a collection of interconnected data processors, mechanical and digital devices, objects, animals or individuals with specific identifying elements and the ability to transfer data across a network without interaction between people and humans. To make it easy, IoT is just the network of interconnected devices that are embedded in sensors,

The first uniforms of the Space Force entered the Pentagon and the printed camouflage was made fun of

New uniforms are available for the newly created the United States Space Force. The unit’s official Twitter account shows an image of the new U.S. space force and space command patch and said the uniforms “touched down” at the Pentagon. President Donald Trump’s administration has been in the works of the US Space Force since

Chinese companies expect the U.S. market to bring intelligent retail solutions

This week in New York an international retail expo was held to bring intelligent distribution solutions into America’s market and equip it with cutting-edge products and creative services. To create a retail vision that fuses stores, data, online and logistics seamlessly, Chinese companies weave the worlds online and offline. Over a dozen Chinese firms–SUNMI, Lenovo,

U.S. Health and Homeland Security officials to start screening for the new Chinese Coronavirus at major U.S. airports

U.S. Health and Homeland Security officials will start screening for the new Chinese Coronavirus at major U.S. airports that have caused two deaths and more than 40 infections in China. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Homeland Security plans to screen travellers from Wuhan, China to three U.S. airports starting Saturday on direct