Charter Is Preparing to Build a Wireless Network

Cable company Charter Communications is widely expected to start construction on a wireless network in choose locations in its cable footprint, a move that may mirror the company’s need to expand its reach in the mobile industry.

According to many sources outside of the corporate who are aware of its plans, Charter is preparing to create LTE coverage areas exploitation three.5GHz CBRS mid-band spectrum in locations wherever it counts an oversized range of consumers using its Spectrum Mobile MVNO service. the corporate is reaching to use eSIM technology to push customers’ mobile traffic from Verizon’s LTE network and onto Charter-owned cell towers, wherever they are obtainable, so as to cut back the number of cash Charter pays to Verizon for wholesale access to Verizon’s LTE network.

In deploying mounted wireless, Charter would be part of an oversized and growing range of medium and cable operators — as well as Midco, C Spire, Windstream, and AT&T — that area unit exploitation mounted wireless technology to expand the number of consumers they will sell web services to.

Charter would follow the lead of Altice USA in building a wireless network covering elements of its cable footprint. Altice USA has already deployed quite twenty,000 LTE little cells in elements of Long Island et al. that sit atop its wired cable network.

Other analysts in agreement. “The key impact of the Altice MVNO is that it should function a valuable example for alternative cable firms