Children most vulnerable to effects of climate change, study reveals

A new report published by Lancet Medical Journal suggests that climate change will affect children in all the stages of their life cycle.

The world is witnessing the effects of climate change, be it environment, humans, plants or animals. The new study reveals that children are the ones who are going to be affected by climate change the most.

With the continuous rise in global temperature, a child born today will experience a wide range of ambient temperature across their life span. Temperature would be 4 degrees Celsius warmer than the present by the time they become old. This exposure to wide temperature range will severely affect their health.

Children particularly have a weaker immune system and thus are more susceptible to diseases. They will be more prone to diseases caused by malnutrition owning to decreasing crop yield as a result of rising temperatures. Prevalence of infectious diseases will also rise among them due to rising temperature and associated change in rainfall patterns. Incidence of respiratory diseases will also increase due to inhalation of toxic ambient air because of air pollution. All such factors will make their health vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Experts believe that children are at severe risk, if the global warming trends continue to remain the same and the world today is in dire need to achieve the targets laid out in the Paris Agreement to limit the rise in temperature so that the severity of its effects could be minimized.