China continuously improves social security for women

China has achieved steady improvement in Social Security for women over the past seventy years, according to a report published in public this week.

The document, titled “Equality, Development, and Sharing: Progress of Women’s Cause in seventy Years Since New China’s Founding,” was published by the State Council Information Office.

The nine-chapter document discusses the progress China has created in promoting gender equality and women’s development over the last decade.

The state has created the guarantee of equal employment opportunities between women and men and also the sharing of economic resources and results of social development the highest priority for the advancement of gender equality and also the development of girls, and has puzzled out and adopted a series of policies and measures to confirm that girls will equally participate within the economic development, get pleasure from equal access to economic resources and effective services, enhance their self-development ability and improve their social and economic standing.

Encouraging women to begin a business and become re-employed.

The level of guaranteeing maternity services and rights for women has accumulated considerably. The number of individuals taking part in maternity insurance reached two hundred million in 2018, among that, the number of ladies was 89.27 million, the document same, adding that China has extended statutory maternity leave from ninety days to 98 days.

The report noted that the medical security system for women is absolutely situated in China. The multi-level medical security system has been any improved since 2012 and statistics in 2018 showed roughly 540 million women had been lined by basic medical insurance.

The level of Social Security for girls has been considerably improved, with the number of ladies taking part in basic Social Security reaching nearly 380 million in 2017, in keeping with the report.

“With Social Security institutionalized, Chinese women have an ever-stronger sense of fulfilment, happiness, and security,” it said