China engages the US in talks before the next set of tariffs are levied

The next phase of the trade war between China and the United States of America is about to commence, and it isn’t a pretty sight for investors across the world as the financial markets have been in the dull and the new tariff levies will be on $160 billion worth of goods like toys and computer monitor which are an essentially important ingredient for augmenting tech space and child care. The two countries have been in close contact with each other as per the statement of the Chinese spokesperson who spoke on behalf of the Foreign minister of the country to emphasize on the closeness of the quarters the two countries shared during the dialogue so as to prorogue the levies for a certain phase of time or remove it completely depending upon the fruitful means of transcript between the two economic superpowers of the world.

President Donald Trump has already had a long and lengthy meeting with his top advisors on trade with China for it will be the defining decision of his tenure amidst the chaotic stances of impeachment standing on solid footing in the house of Congress and official charges being framed against the sitting President of the United States. China would be willing to play ball either way with the US as it seems fit for its growth engine to spur some stimulus on the ailing economy which has been forecasted to shrink in the days to come according to various reports by corporation and global banks in order to mitigate the growing prowess of their aggressive stances in loan sanctioning and provisions of high-level diplomatic talks to stabilize consumer and investor sentiments.