China excels in using AI in security

Computer vision technologies are being increasingly used in the security and surveillance sector. And its use in smart retail, such as face-recognition-enabled payments, is also very fast. China excels in applying cutting-edge technologies to daily consumption scenarios,

Also, AI-enabled customer services are getting more popular, with smart-voice-assistants increasingly used in banks and other sectors

But when it comes to open environments, such as autonomous driving, where machines need to be flexible and smart enough to deal with a wide range of new experiences, progress fell short of expectations.

In general, the commercial use of sensing technologies is quite good, but AI’s ability to deal with the unknown fell short of expectations.

An AI algorithm program devised by Intel and Wuhan University, engineers can easily detect cracks on the Great Wall and have them repaired.

To better inform the public on how AI can be used to help humans explore outer space, preserve cultural relics, and other sectors, US tech giant Intel has partnered with online streaming media platform Youku and other partners to produce a documentary dubbed Hello AI.

Spanning five episodes, the series showcases how AI can make our lives better, from the restoration of the Great Wall and protection of the Siberian Tiger to raising yaks and even space exploration.

The staff member uses China Eastern Airlines’ facial recognition system at Beijing Daxing International Airport on Wednesday. Passengers will be able to get their boarding passes with the help of the system without showing any ID cards