China to provide security equipment ahead of major events

The Chinese government can facilitate Asian countries by providing security instrumentation and skill before the 2 international events commence within the Kingdom in 2020 and 2023.

The National Police said the chief of Cambodia requested the aid during a meeting with the vice-minister of China’s Public Security Ministry in Beijing.

Cambodia will host the Asia-Europe Meeting in 2020 and the Southeast Asian Games in 2023, and Cambodia requested China’s help in providing security for both events.

China is requested to share their experience and provide equipment to help provide security during the Asia-Europe Meeting 2020 and the Southeast Asian Games 2023. In response, China accepted and secure to assist the dominion wholeheartedly.

The National Police added that in China, Gen Savoeun visited Chinese corporations manufacturing experimental technology and also the headquarters of the Chinese Olympic Committee. “Good expertise was brought target order to organize a concept to make sure stability and security throughout huge national and international events within the Kingdom,” it said.

Both sides signed a memo of Understanding on the creation of a joint enforcement workplace.

The chief of Cambodia said his trip to China is part of ongoing security cooperation between both countries.

It is a part of the great strategic partnership between prime leaders from each nation.

In March, several MoU’s to expand law enforcement cooperation with China, including an MoU on how to avoid telecommunication fraud were signed. This a step towards cooperation between countries through providing the protection required for international events.