China urges UN to ease North Korean sanctions

China along with another communist partner in Russia have come to the rescue of a fellow communist country in North Korea which has been laden with sanctions from the United Nations as well as every major country in the world including the likes of United States and the United Kingdom as well as countries like South Korea and Japan for whom it is an existential crises when North Korea starts resting their indigenously developed ICBM missiles and their nuclear program which is one of the most dangerously developed programs in the world and because of which, the middle eastern countries like Syria and Iraq along with Iran have all tried to mend ties with North Korea for it will help them develop their own nuclear programs and supply them with the technology necessary for the next step in tackling sled defense and projecting a strong face towards their controllers or handlers who oppose the development of these countries with sanctions and also try to ensure that their threat levels are kept at a minimum through nuclear and brute force deterrent employed by major countries in the world.

China and Russia have urged the global body to ease the sanctions imposed on North Korea to be able to trade with them and in a slowing global geopolitical economy where money is hard to flow, any new alliance that a country can make to market it’s product and import cheap labor and design structure is like a goldmine which the labor force abundant countries in Russia and China are targetting and to achieve that target through peaceful means, the lifting of these sanctions is of quintessential importance.