Coffee In Thailand Might Not Be Healthy

As Thailand focuses on the well-being and healthcare of their citizens a new trend has been observed which declares a move towards it. This is the availability of coffee places and units in almost every office or work site. This has shown a huge increase in the coffee use by the population which might actually be dangerous. The reports show that the most favored drinks in Thailand are sweetened coffee latte and iced sweetened black coffee.

According to health experts, the use of coffee frequently is not healthy. Many different health problems are associated with the high use of coffee and caffeine products which is why a new campaign is being introduced by the healthcare industry in Thailand to help decrease the usage of coffee. This campaign is opposing a previous study that proved that coffee is actually beneficial for the health.

According to the new study, the use of any sweeteners or sugar in the coffee or even using brewed black coffee can actually play with the healthy nutrients in the coffee making it much worse. Coffee has been found to be toxic, containing carcinogenic which does not allow the beneficial polyphenols to conduct their work properly.

Furthermore, coffee contains acrylamide which is one of the leading causes of pancreatic, breast and colon cancer. There might still be a positive side to using coffee which is the presence of AGEs or Advanced Glycation End-products which are helpful to fight off neurodegenerative diseases. However, there studies are still premature without a formal success rate.