Crazy Technology you should stay away from

Mojipic is a peculiar IndieGoGo venture to get emojis to express your car’s mood on the road. Posed as the world’s first smart emoji voice system, it consists of a small display even accessible at night. The emojis and GIFs shown at the back of the vehicle are shown for Siri and Google Assistants.

More than 1,500 GIFs and emojis can be shared, eight 8-bit games to entertain passengers on board before installation, the ability to make new emojis, and an app to manage anything from your mobile device. An item of questionable value that some people appear to have been persuaded: the Mojipic team is now involved in the development of final hardware.

I found this gadget unsafe as it could confuse drivers and even spark conversations between different drivers, particularly when used to the communication of moods when driving.

Even our toothbrushes become smart and nothing special. Nonetheless, Unobrush is an exceptionally intelligent toothbrush with a honeycomb pattern! Combined with the 360-degree wrapping technology, the unique toothbrush shape is built in every kind of mouth to reach 99.9 percent of the dental sheet.

The main purpose of this device is to clean your teeth in only six seconds. Unobrush has a smart charging base that utilizes UV light to separate the toothbrush from the bacteria. There we encounter a product that is helpful in our everyday lives even if it’s unique in terms of design, but I have to confess that I find it difficult to believe it would be realistic to watch the videos and images on the Indiegogo campaign page.

This is a very simple concept: a plastic shower curtain with various size pockets for smartphones and tablets. The pockets are positioned in different heights to accommodate people of different ages and heights, meaning that the electronic devices you will communicate with in the shower are safe and secure.

A ridiculous, often ingenious idea that would jeopardize your digital wellbeing. This particular tent can be the answer for all friends, but I suggest the majority of us to do without it because I am not so confident your system would be able to get covered in the hot smoke of your showers.