Cyber security is costing millions of dollars to New Zealanders

According to the chief executive of NZTech Graeme Muller cybersecurity is very ineffective and inefficient in New Zealand and it is costing millions of dollars to New Zealanders.

Muller’s comment stems out from the recent cyber-attack on a Wellington health organization.

Wellington, Kapiti, and Wairarapa’s primary health organization (PHO) T Ora Compass Health has said up to a million New Zealanders have the possibility of having their medical data in criminal hands after cyber-attacks that happened in 2002. The cyberattack that took place in August included Wellington Health’s website.

Muller has said that businesses and organizations must do something to prevent any potential cyber hacks, which is now costing New Zealand huge amounts of money annually.

Funnily enough, next week is Cyber Smart Week in New Zealand. It is an initiative taken by the government cyber agency, CERT NZ, to make citizens of New Zealand aware and cautious about cybersecurity and its issues.

Numerous organizations are running cyber safety week and even NZTech is organizing its yearly New Zealand cybersecurity summit in collaboration with Conference on Wednesday.

Muller intends to ask the questions about what can they do since security is not working in New Zealand. He also explained that the disturbing rise in phishing attacks, accompanied by a threat to personal data and it being leaked through breaches is levying heavy costs on New Zealand and its citizens

Muller added that all this does not take into account the intangibility of losses. One, for example, being New Zealand’s capability to trade with safety in a world that is now heavily digital.