Darknet’s fake currency producers reimagining their business models

Darknet is notorious for many things including possible supply of nuclear grade weapons to Weapons of Mass Destruction and in this case printing and supplying of fake banknotes which has been seized across Europe in many countries as they Interpol had got a sniff of the new decided business model of this Darknet’s outfit which deals with counterfeit currency and supplies them across the world to be seen and used as the real ones.

The French police were heading the investigation with Interpol playing second fiddle across the continent in a bid to try and seize the culprits behind the curtain who have played this game long enough and have been on the Interpol’s most-wanted list for some time as a result of which they have been living actively on the Darknet and their relevance touching its peak in times of slowing economy and the Brexit looming which is making it difficult for people to process money in their own countries thus being driven to these counterfeit suppliers who offer a decent rate for exchange and make it sound plausible in the grander scheme of things.

The estimated face value of the notes was about 1.3m euros ($1.4m; £1.1m), 11 arrests have been made in the investigation with another 33 detentions to be processed for more arrests. Counterfeit currencies in circulation dilute the market value of the currency being traded in, and this is also hidden in plain sight making the common public the worst-hit person in the whole process for the banknotes he values the most or which will give him what he needs from the market are worthless pieces of paper and if used at government spaces will be questioned and reprimanded for the usage of fakes currency under strict law’s form the government across the continent.