EU fights for ‘purpose’ in the grand plan for technology, AI rules

E.U. officials are discussing a new digital policy, including the first of its kind rules on AI. These rules are on the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used by companies that have extensive implications for several industries. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook have bet big on artificial intelligence. Google’s parent company Alphabet’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, Apple’s senior vice president for artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea and Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg have come together to meet with the officials like Margrethe Vestager, the executive vice president of the European Commission.

Mr Pichai said that rules of artificial intelligence are needed to ensure proper human oversight but it is necessary to have a balance to ensure that rules do not overpower innovation. Silicon Valley officials are taking actions as Europe has gradually set the standard on tech policy and regulations. Previously Europe had passed laws on digital privacy and fined Google and others on antitrust matters.

The new artificial intelligence policy is also likely to be a pattern that others will implement. Vestager is reassuring concerned Europeans that she will handle worries as Europe is becoming irrelevant whereas Asian and American companies are dominating high-tech markets. Based on what Vestager knows about this matter she says Chinese AI might not meet European standards.