Ex-security advisor deems China the most severe threat to the U.S.

The ex-U.S. national security advisor has stated how China has been forthcoming regarding its long-term objectives and the most severe threat faced by the United States.

When speaking to CNBC’s Hadley Gamble, James Jones, who was the National Security Advisory under ex-President Barack Obama stated that Beijing has been outright when it comes to its long-standing objectives strategically. He added how this needs to be taken very seriously.

On Sunday, at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum that took place in Abu Dhabi, James Jones stated how a Chinese objective is complete control of their population through technology. He stated that the Chinese are making considerable progress in acquiring control over each citizen and all their actions.

When referring to the social credit system of China, he stated how they are allotting grades for citizenship which will impact their employments, the traveling, etc. He added how China is making its way towards something frightening. He believes China intends to export that to other nations as well.

He also stated that to increase its influence in most parts of the globe, China is using a ‘Trojan horse’ strategy.

James Jones said that the Chinese can penetrate the economies as they purchase all that they can, pay everyone off, get a strong grip over the economy and then follow that with their demands for the government’s conduct. He stated that this needs to be addressed by the United States.

He stated that it is worrying how they’ve stopped conversing over the values around the globe, even when referring to democratic nations. He said that it is imperative to talk about human rights.

He was questioned whether the United States should back the protestors in Hong Kong even if the trade talks with China are endangered, to which he replied by asking if trade held more significance relative to human values.