Expo 2020 will uplift Dubai’s economic and business image

With a year to go to Expo 2020 Dubai as the Official Banking Partner of the event, Emirates NBD joins the country in anticipation and excitement as they plan earnestly for this landmark event in the history of their nation.

The bank has already made significant progress; they have scaled up their teams as they prepare to demonstrate their smart technology and digital banking technologies through their site-wide presence as the” Bank of the Future. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the UAE and start-ups registered to do business with Expo 2020 Dubai have also been listed as main growth drivers for the event.


Looking forward, as the speed of growth increases, particularly in terms of construction, real estate, and transport infrastructure, we anticipate that Expo 2020 Dubai will continue to provide the UAE economy and its banking sector with significant financial opportunities.

The event will shine a spotlight on the huge investment potential of Dubai, and in addition to the prospects for direct project funding, financial institutions can also look forward to increased interest from overseas companies and their associated transactional opportunities.


Expo 2020 will put Dubai on the global economic and business stage as never before. Millions of tourists are anticipated and the real estate market is certainly going to benefit as people who see the city, country and region’s promising economic potential are likely to invest in business and land.