FAU Launches Florida’s First Master of Science Degree In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reworking nearly every section of trade within the US from agriculture to medicine. To be competitive, corporations can embrace AI to some extent, which is able to need personnel educated and extremely trained during this quickly growing field.

To address these desires, American state Atlantic University’s faculty of Engineering and Computing is launching the state’s initial Master of Science with Major in AI (MSAI), administered by its Department of laptop and technology and computing. This degree can prepare students for careers in varied education, government and trade positions that need AI skills.

As they have a tendency to experience the dawn of the fourth technological revolution that’s outlined by AI and autonomy, our state and nation attempt to steer the globe in AI-and-autonomy-driven innovation. And, as there’s hardly any trade that’s not stricken by AI and autonomy, trade investments on AI and autonomy area unit reaching terribly high levels. Our faculty of Engineering and computing is participating in convergence engineering and scientific analysis to supply AI, machine learning and autonomy solutions to issues essential for the state and therefore the nation. Pedagogy driven by analysis and development in our faculty-led to our Master of Science in AI, which is that the initial such program in Florida. This innovative curriculum is a coaching program that can educate students and train professionals to develop new skills for jobs that don’t seem to be nonetheless outlined and be a part of the primary generation of AI-and-autonomy personnel.

Potential jobs at intervals the AI field embrace political information scientists, survey statisticians, analysis analysts, intelligence information analysts, quantitative social scientists, code engineers, analysis analysts, and answer architects, among others. The median hourly regional and broad earnings within the 5 most typical occupations for masters-level AI professionals exceeds the median hourly earnings across all occupations in Florida.