FIFA Forward fosters more green and sustainable football infrastructures worldwide

FIFA has taken the initiative to help its 211 MAs, to develop highly innovative and sustainable sports infrastructure, in order not to impact social, economic or ecological processes linked to human rights, diversity and the roles of natural systems and climate. A two-day workshop was held at FIFA Home from 9-10 December 2019 in Zurich, with a group of high-level experts from many different regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe), who delivered insightful presentations and numerous FIFA specialists on the various topics, to reinforce this required course.

The participants also attended the workshop to share the participants ‘ information about the different modules presented by members of the International Sports Organization, for example, member organizations, tournaments facilities, sustainability and diversity, high-performance systems and football analysis and standards, and last but not least recruitment.

Véron Mosengo-Omba represented FIFA’s member associations, underlining the value of such organizations: “FIFA took this opportunity to focus profoundly on FIFA’s responsibility for all of its FIFA forward-looking infrastructural initiatives in sustainable development.

The European & Global Ecobiology Network (ECOHB) member Bosco Büeler stresses with the participants the essential aspects: “Incorporating more sustainability in-stadium growth and each FIFA forwards infrastructure project is a new challenge. This represents a significant opportunity for the company to set a precedent for a prosperous and sustainable future without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.”

In addition to the gathering, the FIFA Legend Wayne Forde took the opportunity to demonstrate its support and dedication: “I’m extremely proud to belong to a leading global association that recognizes its responsibility to conform to environmental principles and environmental best practices.

Through its development program, FIFA is creating more sustainable infrastructure worldwide and is leading the way in ensuring that football growth has a positive impact and legacy for all.