Food of Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the best option for foodies. Sri Lanka has a traditional background and community. This country is religious, and it gets reflected in their food. The spices, techniques, and curries have a signature of its own culture. Their street foods are more relevant and easy to go as well as very delicious. Sri Lankan food is inspired by Indian cuisine and Indonesian cuisines.

Some of the staples of Sri Lankan food are rice, curry, coconut, and spices. This country can be considered as a spice producer. The most important and patent of Sri Lankan food is boiled either steamed rice served with the curry of fish or with the curry of chicken or also with the curry of mutton, and this dish is accompanied by the vegetables, fruits, and lentils. They are also served with chutneys, chili peppers, lime juice, and the paste chutney of coconut. The paste of coconut chutney is served with every other dish in Sri-Lanka. Kiribath is rice mixed with milk. It is a kind of breakfast in Sri-Lanka. It is made on special occasions and festivals like New Year and Tamilian festivals. Kottu is a roti breed studded with vegetables and served with chutney and coconut paste.

Hoppers are fermented bread made with a mixture of rice flour and milk. This dish pan-fried or steamed. They are usually accompanied by the lung miris chutney often are red in Copland served with the ring onions. Sri Lanka is a beach country, and so there is some signature seafood of this country, which is Kool is seafood, which contains crabs, fish, cuttlefish, prawns, and it’s from Jaffa, and it is decorated by spinach and long beans. Sri Lankan food is traditionally made overall it has historical backgrounds, and those techniques are followed through there.