Football a religion inspiring other religion

As we all know football is not just a sport to most of the world it is a religion for the people who follow it. Football has made a major cultural impact on the world.

With the followers of the sport following the player’s hairstyles to their ways of life and this is a huge feat in itself. A sport having such a huge impact of the lives of people is just an insane idea if you think of it quite practically. Recently a name in the football world has been making huge headlines and being praised all over the world and that name is Mohammed Salah an Egyptian football player who has been known for his dedication to his religion and his amazing manners and humbleness towards people. Mohammed Salah made headlines when he refused to shake hands with a woman and greeted her with the utmost modest way which won the hearts of many people and he has been ever so humble to his fans and in his interviews that the world couldn’t get enough of him. He was praised as he was breaking the stereotype of the Muslims in the world where Muslims are seen as terrorists and troublemakers. Ben Bird a is a recent convert to Islam, and he says that he was inspired by Mohammed salah to make the declaration of faith.

This just shows how we can portray our values in the simplest of manners and have a huge impact there is no need to advertise good things they can do good on themselves. It is interesting how a mere sport can change lives.