Gaming becomes a way to make money in the United Arab Emirates

Some professionals in the United Arab Emirates are aiming to turn their liking for video games into an actual career by partaking in esports competitions which offer as much as millions of dirhams in case you win.

The esports market is quickly advancing in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates specifically, since an increasing number of competitions are being held locally.

For instance, the YaLLaEsports, a Mena based esports establishment, has been heavily funded by numerous investors and has 50 participants who take part in wide-scale competitions around the globe.

A 24-year-old Dubai based gamer, MazenAkilan, is a member of the YaLLaEsports team. He indulges in a game known as the the‘Heathstone’ and wishes to one day leave his full-time employment as a sales worker and make for himself a promising profession in online gaming.

A gamer since the tender age of 12, MazenAkilen stated how having won $15,000 at the World Electronic Sports Games, which took place in China, was a great deal for him since it resulted in him getting his driver’s license and his own car.

He states how his aim to win a prize which is so big that it places the Middle East at the very center of the gaming industry. This, he hopes, will make people see how much the Middle East has to offer to the vast gaming industry.

The 29-year-old Kuwait based Muhammad Hayat is another member of the YaLLaEsports. His choice of game is known as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Hayat already has a career of his choice as he is employed full-time in a job inside the gaming industry. However, he too would like to travel across the globe to partake in tournaments.