Gerber launches first single material recyclable pouch

Baby food purveyor- Gerber Products Company has announced the first of its kind single-material pouch in order to endorse recycling. The latest announcement follows the company’s goal of making packaging 100 percent reusable and recyclable by 2025.

Gerber’s recent venture is undertaken in partnership with Gualapack, the baby food pouch which is made from polypropylene. The initiative underlines the company’s target of making recycled plastics safe for food.

Nestlé being the founding member of Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF), creating recycling solutions is a crucial part of the project. Gerber is also investing in expansion of kerbside recycling for the pouch as well as for all baby food pouches.

This also marks the pilot programme of kerbside recycling in the United States, which will use flexible plastics as these for food packaging. The project will be based in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  In his statement with regards to the latest development Gerber’s chief executive Bill Partyka, said the recent initiative is taking measures beyond nutrition to protect the planet.

The pouch will reportedly be made 100 percent recyclable under Gerber’s national recycling programme with TerraCycle, which is a social enterprise focusing on eliminating the idea of waste.

“Designing with a single material creates greater value for the recycling industry, promoting the development of better recycling infrastructure,” commented associate director of packaging at Nestlé Gerber, Tony Dzikowicz. “After more than two years of experimenting and innovating, we were able to help create a first-of-its-kind solution for baby food that meets the safety and freshness requirements for our little ones.”