GHT Award Given To Fertility Clinic in Thailand

Healthcare in Thailand is taken seriously with developments in the field that may exceed many other countries. This has inspired the introduction of many different clinics with different fields and specializations. One of the clinics that stands out is the main fertility clinics in Thailand. One of the first fertility clinics to ever exist in Thailand, found in the capital city of Bangkok, Rajdamri and Cambodia, has recently won an award called the Fertility Service Provider Of The Year in Asia Pacific by  Global Health and Travel (GHT).

This award is dedicated for companies who are well-aware of their customers’ needs and comply well with them in all the different stages of the process. A study was conducted on the clinic, observing their role in every touch point with the customers and the way they solve problems while treating the customer. A survey was left for the customers to gain information and a panel of judges was formed from the Global Health and Travel team.

The clinic is led by Mr. Alfred Siu, who is a Hong Kong entrepreneur. He works together with a team of Reproductive Medicine Specialists including the leader of the medical board of the group, Dr. Olarik Musigayong who is also one of the leading Gynecologists in the Thailand.

They commented on the their award saying, “First Fertility Group is very honored to be chosen as the fertility provider of the year in Asia Pacific 2019. This is our greatest compliment as  our dedication is appreciated. Awards is only a part of our success but the greatest success of our team is a healthy baby to fulfill your family being wholesome.”