Google in cross-hairs for their data policy and design

Data currently is the best currency to deal in, and the hoarding of data is done by big tech companies to bolster upon their economic prowess and the position of power it puts them in to start down a dangerous road of disrespect towards the privacy of the user data and the elaborate policy papers made in order to attest with the working policies of the company to ensure the sound footing of their business models across the globe. The European Competition Commission has taken a different approach to investigating the depth and the breadth of this armor that the companies have felt around them since the times of data searches being started and how the businesses built around these search engine models to advertise and market their goods in relation with the algorithmic searches and advices powered by sophisticated data points for the user to influence the customer into buying or not buying something through digital means, the market for which is not regulated and hence a lot of petitions were received to look into that particular aspect of these business models for big data firms across the world.

The EU Competition Commission is probing the alleged and illicit use of readers’ data and how it uses algorithms and Artificial intelligence to personalize advertisement through this sound source of data points obtained from the usage of the end consumer. Questionnaires were sent out by the Commission to news publishers asking them to elaborate on their partnership with Google and how Google uses reader data into leveraging a sound personal delivery system of advertisement through the researched data points.