Growth of healthcare computing in South Korea

Dr. Rong-Min Baek worked in important leadership positions in both clinical and organizational fields during his 16 years with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), ranging from department chairperson to chief medical officer (CMO) and chief science officer (CSO). SNUBH’s chief executive, Dr. Baek, is currently sharing some of the recent innovations in his organization with Healthcare IT News as well as comments on the growth of healthcare computing in South Korea.

He says that as institution’s CEO, the most significant function is to set the ultimate objective of organizational operations as a major national health care provider and share its vision with all staff. Particularly due to the paradigm shift of healthcare services in terms of involvement with genomics, ICT technology, each C-level executive must be conscious of the significance of accurate implementation of technology in the actual universe of clinical exercise with restricted funds.

SNUBH became the first stage 7 recipient hospital by HIMSS EMRAM outside of the US in 2010 (recertified in 2016) and it devoted lots of human and economic resources into digital healthcare. Recently, SNUBH is participating as the flagship hospital to apply common data model for shared research network in Korea, and also has a primary role in the artificial intelligence healthcare software development project funded by the Korean government. Also, we established the Healthcare Innovation Park, which is the biggest biomedical cluster building for cooperation between academia, hospitals and industries focusing on digital healthcare, genomic medicine, nano and regenerative medicine.

First, all the value that technology creates should be checked from the patient’s perspective. New studies can lead to patient safety, clinical service excellence or reduced medical expenses. And if these can also add to more effective hospital activities leadership and nearly control of domestic or regional resource deficiencies, then it can be said that effective fresh value development is accomplished.

South Korea has one of the region’s largest IT infrastructures and, previous than other Asia Pacific nations, established its IT healthcare system. We also have the largest R&D capital budget level that promotes creative growth of new technology and the start-up environment. Awareness of the public sector’s significance of healthcare is now making enormous waves in Korea’s healthcare transition.

SNUBH is one of South Korea’s major clinics, being one of the country’s first full digitized and paperless health organizations.