Guanghua Market for Computers and Electronics in Taipei

The Guanghua Digital Plaza in the capital of Taiwan town may be a must-visit if you’re buying any kind of electronic or laptop gizmo possible. The world may be an assortment of little alleys and an outsized building filled with individual vendors.

The market may be a short 5-minute walk from the Zhongxiao/Xinsheng MRT Blue Line. The Guanghua Digital Plaza is simply past West Chadic Rd. on Civic Blvd.

The Guanghua Plaza is five floors filled with reference to everything technical school. Guests will wander around and explore the merchandise. Talks for a few things is ok. Several outlets sell identical things however sensible shoppers will continually realize what they have. There’s a great deal of English spoken.

The first floor is comprised in the main of larger vendors like Asus, HP, HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer. You’ll realize deals on laptops and pill computers here, however, don’t purchase till you’ve had an opportunity to explore the opposite floors.

Continuing on up to the second floor you’ll realize numerous outlets that sell computer and pill accessories, similarly as cell phones and alternative accessories. You’ll realize exhausting drives, motherboards, memory, and a lot of on the 2d floor. Go looking – you’ll realize higher costs once you dig a small amount and explore many outlets. I found what I believed was a deal on associate degree Intel SSD drive solely to seek out that very same drive in another buy regarding NT$1000 less.

On the 3rd, 4th, and fifth floors you’ll realize a lot of laptop accessories, similarly as lighting and alternative physics, CCTV camera outlets, and misc. physics components stores. You’ll realize headphones, blank CDs and DVDs, memory cards, similarly to cameras and camera accessories on all floors. You’ll conjointly realize stores that sell software systems and a few books.

The Guanghua Digital Plaza Market is a good spot for your laptop desires