Hardware Review: The Terraonion Mega SD Is A Truly Next-Gen Flash Cartridge

The Mega SD encompasses a pretty slick UI, particularly compared to different flash carts on the market.

The Mega SD simulates what a real-world Mega CD system would do once it involves internal storage; it’s each internal memory (which was enclosed on the Mega CD via A battery back-up save system) and therefore the choice to save to a ‘virtual’ RAM cartridge.

The Mega SD is therefore clever that it even permits for disc-swapping – a method that was needed for a few of the larger Mega CD releases, like Night Trap, that recently saw release on Switch. Hardware however to on the aspect of the cartridge permits you to swap discs (assuming the files are within the correct place on the SD card) but if you are too lazy to urge up from your seat, the method will be done via the ‘up + start’ in-game menu still.

One may also play Sega Master System games on this device, still, as leverage the improved FM sound module that was solely free in Japan.

One of the best options enclosed on the Mega SD is what Terraonion is looking “Mega Drive Plus” titles. Those who frequently scan Nintendo Life are aware that there is a trend for change SNES titles with CD-quality audio tracks which may be loaded up either via emulation or employing a flash cart with the proper school within. Mega Drive and is basically an equivalent thing; the sport read-only storage is loaded as traditional however the music is CD-quality stuff, which is, of course, an enormous improvement over the Mega Drive’s inherent audio. The catch here is that there are not several of those specially modified titles out there thus far, however the gorgeous version of Streets of Rage