Healthcare revolutionization by Extended Reality

“Health care is not a luxury or privilege, but a responsibility of man.”-Julio Frenk, Professor, Public Health School at Harvard.

It is not only the responsibility of health care professionals to save the lives of people, but also to improve the quality of life. HEALTHCARE AND THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION At a time when human existence is profoundly tied up with technology, it is not shocking that technology still offers opportunities for health care.

“Extended reality is catalyzing healthcare through interactive, responsive and hyper-realistic scenarios that help to master sensitive procedures and minimize errors.”-Dr. Sana Farid, Pioneer XR & Ai Strategist CROSSING CHALLENGES

WITH XR Virtual Reality is a paragliding concept for virtual reality and augmented reality. “Patients and clinicians provide real-time updates on their health conditions with XR, enhancing coordination and therefore diagnosis.” DOCTORS AND XR With better XR, practicing physicians will learn new techniques without risking the lives of patients.

“XR revolutionizes how doctors are trained, enabling them to practice and minimize errors in a risk-free simulation.” IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE AT THE ARAB HEALTHCARE CONFERENCE The Arab Health Conference is the largest in the Middle East and North African region.

Arab Health provides a platform for dialogue, understanding how important VR and Ai will be in providing healthcare. Arab Health has recognized this trend and is bringing together experts from around the world to exchange ideas on smart technology that will permeate telemedicine, automated health care and assistance.

BRINGING IDEAS TO REALITY Arab Health has worked with Munfarid to provide immersive experiences not to limit their focus to the idea.

“Munfarid will provide immersive approaches to participants at the Arab Health Conference in 2020, helping them to personally experience how disruptive technology can be.” Munfarid is a multi-faceted enterprise that branches out to research, technology, education, and healthcare.

For Dr. Sana Farid, who is a co-founder at Munfarid, healthcare remains a problem close to the heart. “Healthcare professionals can help patients achieve better treatment experiences in stressful and/or distressing circumstances while helping them to improve the overall patient experience and a better quality of life.”-Dr. Sana Farid Dr. Sana has taken XR to children and the elderly through relaxation counseling, yoga and wellbeing, and educational services.