How FedEx uses technology to delight customers in the digital era


In an world that is powered by e-commerce, FedEx’s significance and effect have only developed — but the logistics giant is keen to speed up its growth and it is now betting that customer-centric revolutions will support it get the work done.
To better understand the company’s track and creativities or innovations, Tech Wire Asia spoke to FedEx Express Asia Pacific President Karen Reddington. Keeping in mind, the fast-growing market in Asia Pacific and also the prospects it proposes, Reddington have faith that technology must be familiarized to create smarter, digitally-driven supply chains that supply and deliver new promises to its customers with niche and varied business requirements. FedEx trusts that technology offers logistics companies with a prospect to make the customer experience more convenient, from beginning till the end. FedEx doesn’t have confidence in treating customer services as a transnational, offline activity. Using chat bots and online virtual assistants by the help of modern technology and Artificial Intelligence, the corporate proactively recommends customers on a way to transport their goods and handle composite transactions like international imports, high seas sales, and transshipment.