How Italian Fashion is changing thanks to technology today

Virtual fitting rooms:

Methods have currently been created to permit fashion and accent retailers to convey their customers the chance to undertake out clothes and opt for colors in video game, employing a screen put in, as an example, within a fitting space, that makes it potential to ‘wear’ the clothes nearly, seeing them on the screen.

A sensible example of this resolution is that the one created by VEM Sistemi, a system measuring system in genus Emilia Romagna, within the central part of Italy. The system involves the employment of what’s termed a ‘magic mirror’ – a screen on that the shopper will see and take a look at on clothes nearly, selecting the colors or accessories. These will then be sent on to the fitting space by the employees, who receive directions in real-time from a pc on smartwatches connected via Wi-Fi.

Leather products follow a crushed track:

Also, within the Italian fashion sector, however this point in animal skin products and footwear, we discover two samples of optimization in producing.

On the one hand, there’s Del Brenta (, an organization in the Italian region that styles and makes heels for women’s shoes for a few of the highest fashion brands. it’s optimized collaboration in production with a series of systems that automatize conferences within the company and with customers, additionally because of the style stages of the latest models. On the opposite hand, we’ve Piquadro (, a transnational leather-goods company primarily based within the Tuscan-Emilian mountain range, that uses IT to optimize the flow of digital data between the varied departments concerned in planning and producing its various articles.