How the cancer survivors could move on?

Mama Ohnmar Win’s brilliant grin and jovial habits shroud the bad dream she needed to experience a year prior.

Last April, she experienced stomach agony and stomach related difficulties. Despite the fact that her grandma passed on of climbing colon malignancy at 39 years old, she never envisioned she would build up a comparative condition.

However, at 35 years old, she was determined to have a similar malady, while caring for her 17-month-old child. It was for her son that she found the solidarity to fight malignant growth – and won.

Her experience kept going an entire year. Presently 37 and relieved, she underpins youngsters determined to have malignancy by sharing her story and urges them to remain solid and to pursue their treatment systems.

“I was as yet youthful when I learnt I had disease. I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving my baby child at such a youthful age. My better half was away. I at long last culled up the mental fortitude to battle the malady on account of my child,” said Ma Ohnmar Win.

In April 2018, Ma Ohnmar began to feel stomach torment subsequent to eating. Trusting it was kind she counseled the gastroenterologist, and took the recommended medicine. Following a couple of months, her condition had not improved. She came back to the specialist for an endoscopy, which uncovered a dangerous tumor in its beginning periods.

“I was fortunate the malignancy was distinguished at a beginning period. It was gentle yet I was encouraged to embrace medical procedure straight away before it caused any intestinal checks,” she said.

Instead of looking for treatment in Yangon, she picked to travel to Bangkok. Numerous individuals, including Ma Ohnmar, accept the decision and nature of medicinal services in Thailand is vastly improved. The movement costs added to the general expense and, however she could scarcely bear the cost of the medical procedure as it seemed to be, she was support by her family visiting her in Bangkok.