Increase in worth of City Football Group by American investment

After a £ 389 million investment from the American company Silver Lake, Manchester City is now one of the world’s most valuable soccer firms.

On Wednesday, the City Football Group, owner of the Champions of the Premier League, reported that the engineering company took a share of 10 percent and hit £ 3.73 billion in total value.

The CFG value is the value of all wealth of the company and not just of the region.

The investment in Silver Lake, which is not sold, will be distributed throughout the whole Group to continue the growth that started with the takeover of the City by Sheik Mansour in 2008.

Earlier this month, for the last financial year, the city announced its record sales of £ 535.2 million in the fifth consecutive year of profitability.

Indeed, India is the next big market in which we want to position ourselves. I hope we can move into that market really soon.

Khaldoon Al Mubarak

The group is expected to expand in the immediate future to create or acquire a club in India.

Silver Lake is a global “technological investment leader” with combined asset management and committed capital of £ 33,37bn and also a stake in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

It has a “singular mission of investing in global leaders in technological, technological and related business” with its headquarters in the Silicon Valley, New York, London and Hong Kong. ‘

The company will be symbolized on the CFG board by its managing director, Egon Durban.

Durban had the opinion that CFG made the new face of football in the whole world. He and the team were excited to form a professional relationship with the management of CFG. CFG formed a platform for all football clubs